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Small Greenhouses with Roll-up Windows

This lightweight portable design allows you to move small greenhouses with roll-up windows just about anywhere you desire!

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These Small Greenhouses with Roll-up windows are a wonderful choice for anyone who owns a backyard or a large outdoor space. With this greenhouse, you can create your very own gardening environment. This item is lightweight and portable even after assembly. With this greenhouse your plants can bloom earlier with a head start on the Spring and Summer months, and you can overwinter plants in mild climates.

Small greenhouses with roll-up windows allow for cross ventilation and climate control. This unit can be placed directly over the top of your garden area to get an early start on the gardening season.

Use this greenhouse to finally start the garden you've always wanted and grow your own plants, flowers, and vegetables. Beautifully designed, this greenhouse has a decorative powder-coat finish that matches the valance on both the cover and the walls.

The sturdy and durable frame is also rust-resistant, ensuring its longevity. Your plants will be well-protected with the translucent, UV-resistant fabric and the insect netting over the windows. The windows have a roll-up design and allow for cross ventilation as well as climate control. This greenhouse is lightweight and portable after assembly, too. Small greenhouses with roll-up windows can easily be moved from one location to another with ease.

Each leg has a foot plate with a pre-drilled hole, which you can use to achor the greenhouse to some sort of base. If you are anchoring to the ground you'll want to use an anchor kit.