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Raised Small Greenhouses

Raised Small Greenhouses allow gardening to take place above the ground. All you need to do is add soil and plants and enjoy!

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Growing plants in these raised small greenhouses is about as easy as it can get! Due to their compact style, they can fit into just about any backyard or patio.

The unit blends into all environments nicely and can be stained or painted to match any exterior setting including your porch or deck. The elevated growing surface and covering system allow it to accomplish things a standard garden cannot, similar to a greenhouse.

The elevation is the perfect height for sitting and gardening, perfect for bad backs!! The best and most nutritious vegetables come from warm, rich, weed and pest free soil. This Raised Small Greenhouse is always substantially warmer in the spring than the ground level under it.

Also, as you fill this planter with rich soil and pure compost, you are maximizing the organic nutrients needed for perfect vegetables. With this system, the soil can be weed free, with no slugs or snails, grubs or weeds with no need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Possibly the best feature of these raised small greenhouses is the option of gardening while sitting on a stool or bench. The UV protected covering with protective mesh netting to keep insects and rodent out, trap the suns warmth while allowing air to flow within the garden.

Your garden will also be protected from too much rain, wind, pets and any other animal roaming nearby. You can quickly remove the top enclosure if wanting to use as a decorative raised bed or to allow for larger vegetables or herbs to grow freely.