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Hoop House Small Greenhouses

Walk around and enjoy your plants in these Hoop House Small Greenhouses. These mini plant nurseries feature excellent quality, and a space saving design. Planters can be hung from the roof, adding even more square footage of plant growing space!

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Here we have the highest quality, most compact, space saving greenhouses packaged in a retail box! These Polytunnel hoop house small greenhouses feature a space saver design and offer all of the same quality, workmanship, and results as the Commercial Series Green Houses while appealing to beginner, novice, and professional growers alike.

Each Deck and Patio greenhouse is constructed from 100 percent commercial grade galvanized steel frame, featuring quick connect steel frame and steel frame connectors. It includes a rugged all weather triple layer Polyurethane, cover, back panel, and front entry, and rust resistant
steel. The frame components and frame connectors are galvanized after being welded. This greenhouse is built to stand the test of time!

Your growing possibilites are limitless with these Hoop House Small Greenhouses. These structures provide maximum protection, growth, and reliability by using a complete three piece all growth fabric construction with unit-body cover, solid connected back panel, and solid connected front entry – allowing for easy access and maintenance of plants, vegetables and herbs. Includes a Smart Vent – technology, controlling airflow from the base of the unit and the ends of the unit with special zip out Velcro held screened vented windows. In addition, the triple ridge reinforced roof structure not only acts as a weather guardian protecting against severe and inclement weather but also allows growing enthusiasts to hang their full size basket plants from the roof of the green house.

Give your green thumb a chance! Watch your plants grow before your very eyes! Enjoy the miracle of plant life!